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  • Fulfil their potential in all aspects of
     school life.
  • Develop a sense of respect for
     themselves and for others.
  • Develop habits of Self-discipline
     and Responsibility.
Field Trips and Excursions
Children discover best what they see. Regular field trips / excursions are organized, as a part of the curriculum, encouraging our children to meet other people, leading to social interaction.
Monthly Theme & Activities

Moments from June and July 2012

Freshers Day
Fresher’s day was celebrated on 30th June, 2012. New students participated enthusiastically in the programme. Chandini Potnuru of VIII Std played the keyboard on ‘Human Nature’s Song’. A rocking dance performance was showcased by Yeshwanth.M of VII Std and Kiran .V of VIII Std to the famous musical number “Dangerous” by Michael Jackson. The newly joined girls of VIII Std. sang ‘Ye Mere Vatan Ke Logo’.Reuben Thomas of IX Std delivered an English speech. Vignesh Seshadri of V Std sung a song about ‘Guru’. Thus the freshers made this day a memorable day.

The school held its Investiture Ceremony on 16th June 2012. The Captains and Vice-Captains were elected by Ballot. The Secretary and Managing Trustee of the School Shri.M.Gopalakrishnan and Head Mistress Mrs.P.M.Geetha presented the colours to the leaders. The Principal addressed the gathering and reminded the students of the great leaders of the past. The Head Boy, Avinash U Mahesh  and the Head Girl ,Theja V Bhat delivered their maiden speeches as school leaders and promised all support in maintaining discipline in the school. The ceremony concluded with the rendition of the National Anthem.

The Inter house Quiz competition for the seniors was conducted on 30th June,2012 . Earlier a preliminary round was conducted to select the students to represent their houses. The questions asked grabbed the attention of the students and made them realise the importance of keeping themselves updated.  Students were given a choice to select the topics like Science, Current Affairs, Sports etc in the first round - the Choice round. The rapid fire round set the place ablaze. Audience were also asked few questions and the correct answers got them a gift. Chethan.N, Madhusudhan, Nikath Fathima and Anurag of Prithvi house emerged winners.

Nursery Section
The preschool phase in a child’s life plays a significant role in their growth and development. It allows the child to be exposed to preschool activities such as identifying shapes, colors, letters, music, and many other activities that are beneficial to their future. These activities are not only fun to the child, but will also equip them with stronger mentality and a broader scope of knowledge.

November  to January (2011-12)

Children’s day
Children’s day was celebrated on 14th November, 2011 with great enthusiasm and fervor. Various competitions like colouring, drawing, memory games, I- spy etc.. were conducted to build confidence in each child.
Keep your surroundings clean” was the motto of the day (30, November, 2011).The children showed great enthusiasm in keeping their classrooms and play area clean as part of this activity.

Green day
Green day was celebrated on 16th September, 2011. Children planted saplings and learnt the importance of preserving planet Earth.

Field Trip to Fire Station
Field trips offer an effective method of directly educating children. The Nursery students were taken to a Fire station in the month of January, 2012. Children were excited to see fire trucks and fire men in their uniforms. They also enjoyed a good ride in the fire engine.

Our Helpers
The theme for the month of January was “Our Helpers”. Based on the theme competitions like Poem Recitation, Fancy Dress and Story Telling were also conducted. This activity gave an in depth knowledge of Community Helpers to the students.

June 2012

Open House of Nursery Section

Nursery section had their open house on 9th June 2012.
Mrs. Vidya Arun presented a slide show.  Our Vice Principal Mrs. Jean George welcomed the parents with her wonderful and effective speech. She emphasized on four basic points.

  • Promoting independence, confidence and effective discipline, and the early years.  She emphasised that children need to be taught how to think not what to think.  She advised the parents to not only  love their kids ,but also display their affection for them by reading to them and spending time with them.  

The Nursery teachers ,Mrs.Archana, Mrs.Subhashini and Mrs. Shakunthala  introduced the various aspects of the curriculum to the parents.

Mrs. Neethu Khanna proposed the vote of thanks .

The theme for the month of June was “Celebrating Nature”. Rainbow day was celebrated on 13th June, based on the theme. Various activities like collage work, thumb impression etc. were conducted.

A nature walk was planned on 27th June, 2012 to a nearby park for the tots. The pleasant weather and green surroundings made the children to run and jump in between the paths of the garden.  Children collected dry leaves, flowers, twigs and seeds etc. on their way.

July, 2012

11th July, 2012 was celebrated as white day. Each class was engaged with various activities keeping in mind the colour of the day. Pre Nursery had Wool pasting in an outline of a sheep, L.K.G – Pasted paper crush in an outline of a rabbit and U.K.G students pasted Rice flakes in an outline of a beautiful Swan.

Shapes  was the topic for the month of July, so Pre Nursery students enjoyed circle shape biscuits and triangle shape sandwich for their short break on 6th  July, 2012.

Tomato wedges party was the highlight of the day.(13th July). Children got tomatoes and pre nursery class teacher chopped them into wedges and served them.

Singing competition was held on 24th July, 2012. Children were asked to sing songs in any language with action and expression. All children were given an opportunity to come on stage and exhibit their talent.
A movie day was organized for the nursery students on 26thJuly, 2012. Children enjoyed watching the movie; they also got popcorns for the day

‘Me and My World’ was the theme for the month of July. The students were taken for a Joy Ride on 31st July, 2012. They were shown various places like malls, hospitals, marts, temples, bank etc. After the trip they were asked to stuck the pictures of the places they have seen in their scrap book.

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